Project Studies

An accurate analysis is essential for every hotel, tourism and leisure project. Our team of international specialists provide unparalleled expertise in the field of market studies and possess all the necessary analytical capabilities to support you throughout your development projects.

We use financial projections to test the robustness of each project. This enables us to calculate the return on investment based on a project’s future performance, on the basis of its market position, the chosen site and its intrinsic profitability.

Horwath HTL offers a three-stage method to put each project to the test, designed to help project leaders to move beyond the design phase and into the development phase

  • Context: the regulatory framework, the location, the site, etc.
  • The product: information on existing and projected products, identification of a relevant benchmark, etc.
  • Demand: identification of key clientele and secondary target groups, consideration of customer expectations, etc.

This series of successive analyses is used to identify the key success factors, as well as risks to be avoided.

With these success factors in hand, this approach enables us to develop a suitable product positioning strategy. A business plan, a schedule and a legal and financial framework — among other things — are then drawn up, all of which help to shape the project.

Marketing the project is another essential step which, in the public domain, is dependent firstly on the project being accepted and taken on by the right people.

Horwath HTL provides expert support to project leaders, from the initial design stage through to the planning, implementation and operational stages.

Horwath HTL Projects