Assistance to the Contracting Authority

Developers, operators, sponsors and investors all rely on our impartial project analysis services.

Horwath HTL provides support throughout a wide range of project types:

  • Assisting in the development of hotel projects
  • Designing innovative tourism facilities and leisure activities
  • Assisting in the operational deployment of projects
  • Supporting local authorities during contractual procedures (outsourcing public services, etc.)
  • Finding operators and investors

Our programme recommendations serve both as a working basis for architects and as a guide for choosing the most appropriate brands and operators.

Horwath HTL provides:

  • Unique sectorial expertise in all aspects related to tourism, leisure facilities and the hotel industry.
  • An unrivalled combination of skills and expertise, provided by our 15 associates, directors and senior consultants
  • A strong sense of creativity, as shown by our permanent full-time team, our internal creativity laboratory — the Leisure Factory — and our close partnerships with a number of specialists.
  • An exclusive network linking together most stakeholders in the sector, in particular operators and partners.


Horwath HTL Projects