Territorial Development

Supporting destinations as they evolve

Tourism is undergoing a period of development, the medium/long-term consequences of which need to be studied: behaviours are changing, new international customers are arriving, digital technologies are revolutionising the market, environmental and sustainability questions are being raised, and innovative new solutions are being developed for accommodation, products and activities. Tourism has become a central factor in determining the appeal of a territory and its ability to attract people, businesses and talent. Too often, however, territorial policies for tourism are focused only on the short term and in the public sphere. Cuts to public funding mean that we now need to be more innovative and forward thinking.

Rethinking territorial identities

It is essential that public tourism development strategies are designed with an eye on the medium term. The objective is to:

  • rethink each destination’s identity, market position and basic territorial building blocks,
  • attract operators, investors and customers,
  • use these options to develop product, marketing and organisation strategies.

We offer the following tools to support you throughout the public policy development process:

  • A strong, future-oriented perspective, based on an approach that combines the realities of the local tourism economy, factors specific to the destination and a very thorough knowledge of each market and its stakeholders.
  • A global tourism marketing approach: it all starts with the right choice of market position, the right target audience, the right values and choices when developing products and offerings, the right brand strategy and the right organisation.
  • Consultancy services designed to provide public stakeholders with the capacity to make the right decisions. Consultation is not a process of encouraging everyone to have their say, but rather of using methods to develop collective intelligence.
  • The capacity to develop proposals into operational plans, thanks to our experience in project structuring.
  • The commitment of our senior consultants to provide personal support to project owners throughout the entire process.

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