Marketing & Strategic Advice

Horwath HTL provides strategic and marketing advice for three types of operator:

  • Management teams at chain-branded and independent hotels
  • Managers of public and private recreational and cultural facilities
  • Project leaders

Strategic Advisory Services

Horwath HTL helps clients to develop a value chain, using a structured approach tailored to the various areas of their activity:

  • Growth strategy
  • Investment strategy
  • Strategic and operational restructuring
  • Human resource management
  • Transactional support services

Marketing and Sales Advisory Services

Increasingly — albeit not exclusively — clients are turning to information technology to overcome new marketing and sales challenges: yield management, brand content, multichannel online reservations, community management, etc. Our consultants all either have experience of managing hotels and facilities or have been trained in strategic and operational marketing, in particular internet marketing. We can help you to develop a marketing strategy that is consistent with your global strategy and to choose and employ the most suitable marketing tools.

We provide a wide range of marketing services for businesses in the tourism and hotel sectors:

  • Market potential studies
  • Market entry strategies
  • Repositioning and analysis strategies
  • Tourism brand strategies

Two reasons to rely on Horwath HTL for strategic and marketing advice

Sectorial expertise
All our consultants are, first and foremost, experts with first-hand experience of the hotel, tourism and leisure industry. They are always up to date with the latest trends and they maintain close connections with the majority of stakeholders in the sector.

The international dimension
Businesses can no longer afford to draw up development strategies on anything less than an international scale, as their customers and competitors are now found across the globe.
Horwath HTL has therefore developed an international operational advisory network, spread across more than 38 countries, enabling us to provide you with knowledge of your target market and to support you in drawing up an international development strategy.

Horwath HTL Projects